Friday, August 31, 2012

Throw me one!

Vacation time! Yesterday was my last day at work (how sad!) but I'll be back to see all the girls at work in the spring. After I left the dress shop Raymond and I finally figured out our class schedule for Newman, ate fantastic carne asada fries, and hit the road!

The drive to Topeka wasn't bad at all. The sun was shining, we were in a great car, and we made great time. It was absolutely wonderful to see my grandmother for a night and catch up. She only lives a few hours away from me but sometimes it is so hard to find nights to get away! Raymond was able to really get to know her a bit too, which was great. He fixed some technical difficulties she was having with her computer so that things are now (hopefully) running smoothly! She's excited for us and our big adventure, and feels a little better about us leaving now that we had the chance to sit and talk awhile. She also makes a fantastic chocolate pie that we had priveledged rights to!

The drive today, however, was not so great. After a drought of a summer it rained the entire way to Branson (thanks hurricane) and is likely to rain throughout the weekend. We will still make the most of it!

We did stop for something fun in Springfield because we were sick of driving in the rain! Just as Raymond asked me if I was getting hungry we hit the exit for the Lamberts flying rolls restaurant. I had never been before but he insisted it was something we should do. We stopped, and after only half an hour of waiting we snagged a table. It was absolutely delicious! By far the beat food I have eaten out at a restaurant lately and there was so much of it! Who knew I would ever ask a waiter to throw food at me?

Anyway, it was fantastic and the great lunch made the rest of the drive to Branson go quickly.

Only a few more days! Tomorrow, rain or shine, Raymond gets to experience Silver Dollar City for the first time. I'm so excited!

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