Saturday, August 4, 2012

pitter-patter RAIN

Oops I'm posting a little late again! Raymond and I were babysitting so we have a great excuse. My little niece Peyton and big sis Aubrey were adorable tonight, but very active and took a lot of energy! When the 6 month old doesn't want to sleep there's a lot of walking and bouncing involved, as well as a ton of rasberries for Raymond.

We went to Le Monde for dinner, a fantastic Mediterranean place on West Street. I wonder, what kind of gyros will we find in Europe??

RAIN! We finally had a thunder storm tonight complete with lighting and a blissful pitter-pat on the roof. The smell, the sound, the feel... we've missed it. Did you know in Birmingham it usually rains 15 days out of every month in the fall? Yep, we'll get more rain than I've seen since Guatemala pretty soon. While I was in Central America I had to stop in the streets sometimes to dump out my rain boots.

Wish we had enough rain to say that.

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