Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One checkmark at a time.

What a full, long day! It started early when I got up to babysit my niece. She's pretty much the cutest 7 month old ever.

I had the day off of work so I filled it with things I needed to do before I left the country. Dropped the car off for some brake work, went to the bank to arrange accounts, checked with the post office that my mailing address had truly been changed, went to sams club with my mom, watched the baby some more... Ended up helping mom clean out the garage too.

What did I not get done? Packing. I'll throw a bag together for the weekend in the morning and figure out the rest on Tuesday!

We leave in less than a week now, so I can start simply stating days of the week and they actually make sense.

Tomorrow I get to see my grandmother! I'm leaving a bit of a messy bedroom and suitcase behind, but I will somehow find time o deal with those in my last 24 hours in the USA.

Less than a week? Really? We have been dreaming for so long and now the days feel surreal.

Wish me luck!

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