Friday, August 3, 2012

Here's a map

Pizza Tacos! We went for some tonight and they were delicous. Now I'm getting some brownies in the oven for my work buddies tomorrow (and Raymond!) because we will be too busy for lunch breaks. Brownies are the perfect snack, right? Working in a bridal shop is fun, but this is our busiest weekend of the year. Wedding wedding wedding!

There's been a little confusion about where we are going to be in England. Although we're flying into London, we will actually be in Birmingham which is closer to central England and Ireland. The school is Newman University College of Birmingham and is also a Catholic university. It will be so interesting to see the differences in private education here versus in the UK!

Take a look. London is about an hour and a half train ride (on the express way) to Birmingham and just a short plane ride from Ireland. Birmingham is where we will be living!

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