Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Visas are here! Our visas are here!!

Our Visas are here!!!! Our Passports are back!!! Everyone please stop, thank God, and celebrate!
Now that we have our passports we can officially leave the country. Our flights are on Sept. 5th and we will be in four different airports in 30 some hours.

Raymond is already done at work and I only have two more days. Wednesday will be my day at home to finish packing, help my mom, and figure out all the last minute things! We leave Thursday for a short family vacation and then we are off to England.

Rachel ran off so I hijacked this blog :p IM SO EXCITED!! This is really happening, its still not real in my mind. Plus im only taking online classes for the time being sooo...What to do but CELEBRATE!?  Rachel is coming back now Okay Bye! - Ray

Haha blog hyjacked. Yes, we are celebrating! Plus, today is my dad's birthday so we ate lots of good cake (thanks mom!). My mom makes the BEST red-velvet cake around. Raymond agrees.

no more cake for you! sorry!
Me, praising God
here they are! finally back from NY

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