Sunday, August 19, 2012

At the End of the Day...I'm still Thirsty.

Hey everyone! Ray here writing you from my bed at home! This is the last night I will sleep in this bed for a very long time so this may be short since I leave tomorrow or today or in the past, when ever you may read this. I LOVE THIS BED!!

I came home to see my mother and little brother before he went off to college, he left a few hours ago its really quiet, and to go to a family picnic. There was so much food at the picnic and so many little kids running around and people playing cards and laughing and talking, it was great. It was just really nice to see my family before we run off to different countries!

I feel bad leaving my mom now that she will have an empty nest but I'm sure she will manage and probably have parties every weekend. Well maybe not so much the parties but you know what I mean, I'll miss her but I know she's proud and wants us to have a great time and send her lots of pictures.

BTW Matthew if you're reading this I drank your Mountain Dew since you aren't here to claim it :D

I've got to get packing this carry on bag to go back to Wichita tomorrow, we're so ready to go its ridiculous!
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I love yo faces, goodnight!

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