Monday, August 20, 2012

I hope my hair doesn't have to end like this.

WOW. Over 100 hits on our site in a single day? Thanks for the love you guys! This definitely merits a new vlog at 3 am when Raymond gets off the train.

How can we have this many views and yet only three followers of our blog? Please, keep the love coming and press the blue button on the right that says "Join!" All you need is an email address, and it will ensure you can find our blog any time (and have the posts emailed to you if you like so you won't miss anything amusing).

If you remember, we don't have our Passports back yet! Although we over-nighted them to New York over a week ago (and we know they got there the next day), the office didn't open the packages until this morning. Everyone reading please say a quick prayer that they are processed quickly and mailed back because I don't know what we are going to do if they do not get here in time! Unfortunately we cannot board our planes without those pesky passports and visas (and we've spent a lot of money on airlines!).

I will look like this if they are not here by next week! Government, why do you give me such stress?



  1. I Lol'd
    They will be here
    I'm hungry.
    I hope they're ready for a sleepy Raymond vlog. Ugh...

  2. Hmm well I follow you guys from email because I just entered it into that little box but it apparently doesn't register as an official follower for the blog.