Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nothings gonna stop us now!

There were so many times I wanted to just say, "I'm done, you go and have a great time in England I don't think I can go." Because if you didn't know I'm dirt poor and to find the money for this trip would only become a reality by the grace of God and some incredible determination on my part . Well let me tell you this, the grace of God is blasting loud and clear through my life's boombox!

I had a problem with asking others for help because people can be incredibly off-putting when it comes to asking for their assistance I learned that very early as kid growing up. Because of that I was going to do everything myself, there was no reason for me to ask anyone for help I would help anyone that needed it because I know how it feels when people won't help you and make you feel pathetic for asking. But that wasn't the right approach to anything at all.

Knowing that there are people that are willing to help because they want to see me succeed changes everything. That gives me strength and the will to push through any and all obstacles that stand in my way so  one day I can be in their position to help someone like me. We're going to England September 5th and I'm more excited than I previously thought I could be. With the Visa process underway we already have plane tickets and are ready to go and its thanks to all of you. I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you and I can only dream about what we will gain from this trip! Now I'm just gathering funds to live abroad and that shouldn't be too much. I mean I like to eat lol

So like the title says nothing is going to stop us and this trip will be a great success!
I love yo faces! Until next time!

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