Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They may have stolen my identity. Maybe.

Today I went and had my biometrics take for the Visa app. That means mine is almost done!

The system is a little difficult to understand and very hard to navigate. The UK requires all applicants to work through the Visa4uk application form, and every applicant has to to submit and pay for the visa electronically before they can set up a time for a biometrics appointment. Then to actually get the visa you have to take your printed out confimation for your appointment time to an office downtown and have your fingerprints taken.

When booking an appointment, the automated system won't let you book a time more than 3 days away. However, when I went in today all I had to do was wait in line! Basically, the lady in the office told me that applicants just have to have the print out with them showing they completed the application, but you can come in any time after you have a print out. Good to know for Raymond's application!

I waited half an hour for the five minutes it took to take my biometrics (in other words, fingerprints). The system is actually kind of cool because taking fingerprints is all digital now, no inky fingers! As she rolled my fingers across the pad I could see my unique prints show up on the screen. I hadn't looked at them that close since a 4th grade science project!

The lady who does this for all sorts of visas said, "Yeah, I heard the UK system isn't very user friendly." Good to know other people agree.

Tonight is my last night with my roomies. Tomorrow I move my bed and go home! I'll miss my bed. It's so soft... and comfy... maybe I'll go take a nap.

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  1. Maybe it’s from seeing too much of Mission Impossible or James Bond movies, where everything is so high-tech that it wouldn’t seem impossible for technology to create a fiasco. But since we can never be too sure, it’s in our own judgment how we’re going to protect ourselves. Like how I protect my identity by securing my personal information and credit cards all the time.

    Annie Valdez