Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bring on the fall weather please!

The summer Olympics are officially over, and as Raymond said tonight that generally means the end of summer. Although we don't leave for three more weeks, we both are taking at least one online class through Newman University in Wichita. Those classes start all too soon.

We're so excited because our travel plans for Rome are coming together. The ASC sisters in Rome have graciously agreed to house us for our five day visit, and even pick us up from the airport. I know it will be a fabulous trip! I can't wait to see all the famous historical places and eat as much gellato and pasta and pizza as possible.

The more confusing part is figuring out our train I birmingham when we fly bak to London. I think I need to ask the advice of a local. There are so many different train sites, and even though I think I know where we should book tickets I don't have a clue as to what station! This trip will have a big learning curve for public transportation.

I saw Legally Blonde the musical yesterday, and can I just say, absolutely fantastic! Complete chick musical but I thought it was perfectly entertaining. The lead played my dream role perfectly.

"See dreams really do come true you never have to compromise. Oh my god you guys!"

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