Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goodbye room, goodbye house. I'll miss you.

A year ago today, we were so excited to get in this room and paint. It was my own space, my own little rented house shared with two friends. I spent hours agonizing over what color to go with (it was my first time choosing something for myself after years at my parents and then in dorm rooms!). I wanted yellow, because to me yellow means sunshine, happiness, and joy. Yellow makes me happy.

Somehow when we were in Walmart, the color looked a little different than on the walls. After one coat... it was bright! I thought about repainting but life's short and I never took the time. I kept the blinds up to let the real sunshine in and the color grew on me. Now? I'm going to miss it dearly.

I made the room my own with bright colors and giant prints of NYC. It was so wonderful to have a room all my own for a year. It will probably be a long time before I have another room I can paint. I'm no where near home ownership!

I also lost my bed to a basement today. When I moved in a year ago I thought I was done with dorm room twin beds for good (apparently not).

Goodbye dear yellow room. I'll miss you.

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