Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank God, this is good news!

Finally, we have some really great news to report today!

Thanks to the power of money and Dr. Golden's professional titles we were able to get through to someone who allowed us to expedite our visas yesterday. This morning we both received an email that said we were GRANTED those visas and that our passports should be back in our hands no later than Tuesday. Praise the Lord! We were really worried we were going to have to change our flights.

Now we can truly pack and plan for leaving in ten days. These will be the fastest ten days to pass of the entire summer!

Although we do not actually start in the classroom until September, both of us are taking a couple online classes for Newman here in Wichita that start on Monday. To be honest, it feels a little strange and my mind is a bit resistant to starting homework when I'm not actually going to be in the classroom. Surely summer isn't over yet, is it? I should still have another three weeks before I have to do anything out of a textbook.

In other great news, we received some positive results on my dad's latest scans! As many of you are aware, he has been in chemo treatment since April. The test results from yesterday were the first that showed a decrease in the size and scope of the cancerous lymph-nodes and we couldn't be happier! According to the doctor the cancerous area they tested decreased by about a third. This is great news! The plan is to keep on the same treatment path and see how the next scans go in two months. Please keep sending prayers his way, we still have a long path ahead and the treatments are getting hard on him.

This summer has been a little difficult and more than a bit chaotic, but we're fighting on.

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