Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hm. I thought I was in Kansas.

This morning I woke up, walked outside, and actually wondered if I had somehow transported myself to Europe. The 68 degree weather and rain took me surprise, but it is exactly what we expect to find in England! Only in Kansas would it be 110 one day and 68 the next.

Speaking of weather, today I thought of a new challenge for traveling abroad: measurements. I tried to look up weather forecasts and averages and everything in Europe is listed in Celsius. Once again, I have more respect for my dear golf team girls (Megan, Linzi, Alyssa, Andrea). I clearly remember one trip in the van when the girls convinced my coach to change the thermostat reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I was confused. We never look at weather like that! Now I realize it probably just helped them feel more comfortable, so they didn't have to constantly do the mental math to make it their version of normal. Money, weather, time, dates... how can our country have originated from Europe and yet become so different? I think I need some conversion apps on the homescreen of my phone (which will soon only work on wireless internet).

I believe this is our 20th blog post (I beat Raymond to it). We have 21 days until we fly so you can expect some really exciting posts soon!

Many thanks to Theresa Weniger who took the time to outline some things we should do while we are in Europe! Anyone else have some helpful hints/tips or suggestions? We would love to hear them about England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France... pretty much anywhere. Especially about where we should go or help on public transportation! Feel free to leave comments here or on Facebook.

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