Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi Russia and Germany readers!

It's official, my last day at the dress shop will be August 30, then I'll head I Branson for a few days with my family. I'll come back on the 3rd and leave on the 5th!

Raymond is completely moved out. We're picking up a pizza and headed to my place so I can do the same. Moving home to my parents for a few weeks makes this a reality, but I will miss my house and roomies!

Raymond keeps saying that the "real" Olympics have started now with track and field. It's been exciting, but I happen to like watching swimming! What's your favorite sport to watch? Leave us a message, we're curious who reading! Why do we have 25 hits from Russia??? And some from Germany and the UK (golf team is that you?)??

Our readership stats are really interesting to look at. We have three times as many Windows people look at our blog over Mac users but more iPhone owners than Android.

We're looking at air tickets from London to Rome, and they're so much cheaper than flying around the states! The USA needs to learn from the UK -- they can manage to keep air fare rates at bay!

Has anyone stayed in a hostel and recommend whether or not we should or just pay for normal hotel rooms? Recommendations would be really helpful!

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  1. My favorites are definitely swimming and gymnastics!!!