Wednesday, August 1, 2012

it's BEDA, not BETA

Plane tickets are bought, but we won't rest easy until we have our visas and are on a plane headed East. It has turned out to be quite the stressful process to go abroad for a semester! I have even more respect for all my close friends (shout-out to the NU Women's Golf team) who travel internationally several times a year to attend school in Wichita.

According to Raymond I'm supposed to blog every day for the month of August (BEDA). Here's to the first! This will actually go up on the 2nd but... I'll pretend like I got it done on time.

Usually I would be headed back to school in two weeks, but due to our trip we get an extra-long summer break. That's good since I'm not sure how many "summer activities" we've actually done so far. It's been an accomplishment that I got to the pool a few times. And Raymond grilled chicken tonight, delicious!

Just now I finally plugged my iPhone into the computer to take some photos off and back it up. Siri had been mad at me for weeks because it hadn't been backed up in... too long. Anyway, the phone was also completely out of storage. I went to sync some photos and it told me I had over 1000 just on my phone ( haha and Raymond was surprised!).

I like to take photos, lots of them. It's a quality I got from my dear mother. :) Just wait until we get across the pond and I'll share several with you every post!

Here's to BEDA!

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