Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm finally dry!

Rain! We have been wishing and hoping for rain in Kansas all summer, and instead it hit us on the one weekend we are spending in Missouri at Silver Dollar City. We were hoping for one last hot, sunny weekend (and a chance for me to nap by the pool), but instead we have rain. Oh well. It figures. I guess Branson wanted to try and prepare us for the wet, cold Birmingham we are about to explore.

After our drive yesterday we got up this morning and went to the theme park. Can you believe my entire family and Beth and Ray were all able to come? It's amazing! My brother-in-law, Clayton, is about to leave on deployment for Turkey on Monday, so we are making the most of these last few days of everyone together.

The morning was actually dry of rain, but my family convinced me to ride on some water raft attractions. In five minutes I was soaked! It hadn't even started raining and my shoes started squishing water out of them. When it started to rain in the afternoon, it didn't even matter because we were already wet.

We spent a long time at the park, but Raymond had the chance to see everything for the first time! For years he has wondered what I love about this place. I hope now he has an idea... I can't wait for him to see it at Christmas time!

Now, we've both had hot showers and a glass of wine. I don't think I've ever been so thankful for dry clothes.

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