Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rain, sun, tomato soup!

Hello world and happy Saturday! Today was a little strange for me, I'm not used to having lazy Saturdays since I started working at the bridal shop over a year ago. I did some laundry, caught up on the news, and was able to talk to my family back home. I miss them! Little baby Peyton has a tooth coming in.

We spent the week attending various campus events and finding our way around Birmingham. We've had both sunshine and rain, most of the time both in the same day. The weather changes fast here but you can always bet to have clouds, even when it is sunny. I asked one of the locals if they had ever seen a completely clear, blue sky and they said no!

Whenever we get a patch of sunshine I like to take a walk or sit outside for awhile. Here are a couple pictures of the outside of campus.

This above photo is the top level of the quad. The buildings are pretty much all in a big square, connected by hallways or underground passages. If you look across and past Raymond, there is a railing. I stood and looked over the side to take the next picture, which is another quad but one level down. 

It's a nice campus once you figure out the winding maze of hallways and buildings. They've made some great updates to their classrooms (most I've seen so far have a smart board in them), and the library is brand new. I'll post some pictures of that building soon because it is beautiful! 

Yesterday we went to go check out the iPhone5. There were no lines at all and we were able to walk right into the store, pick up the phone and take a look. From our observations so far, many more people here use Blackberry or Android phones than Apple. We're still going to try and find the Apple store in London next week!

Finally, this is one of our improvised dinners (we know you loved our cooking show!). We made some ham/egg/cheese sandwiches with some tomato soup! It was fantastic comfort food in a country full of Indian curry.

That's all for now. Check out the video I'm about to upload from our lunch out yesterday... yum!

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