Friday, September 7, 2012

Gellato and ancient history... awesome.

What a fantastic day we had! We set out this morning in search of "The Pope's Church" and walked through a lot of small streets on our way there. The church is HUGE and the ceiling is covered in gold artwork!

From there we managed to find gellato (we promised ourselves we would eat it every day we are here) and it was fantastic. After some more exploration, including looking through an open air market and finding an ATM, we had lunch with the ASC sisters. They know how to cook! Also, one of the sisters was in Milan yesterday visiting her sister, and she brought back a cake to celebrate that we were here to visit! It was the most delicious cake I may have ever eaten... it was so good. We also had frozen lemon cream and an interesting alcoholic lemon drink the sisters had made themselves. It was strong but it was good!!

After lunch we walked to the Colosseum and bought a Rome Pass, a ticket that is good for three days of public transportation and two free entrances into museums. With this ticket we decided to also take a guided tour of the Colosseum and it was a great decision! The tour was worth every penny, as we had fantastic guides and it was about four hours long. We learned so much history about the Colosseum and the Palantino! I feel like we both have a better grasp and appreciation of Rome because of our education today. The tours were so good that we are going on another one through the same company tomorrow of the Vatican museum.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of the day. That's us looking out over the ancient city of Rome!

We heard a lot of interesting stories, but I found this door to be particularly intriguing. I think it was built before Christ even walked the Earth, and the lock and key still work! The pillars on both sides are also made from the most precious marble on the planet, worth more than gold and really hard to work with! Even with modern technology, we are only able to cut through three centimeters in an hour. It is so rare, and so precious, it has never even come up on the market for sale. It is called the Kings Marble and is were the royal purple color in ancient history comes from.

So cool! Tomorrow will be another day full of adventure... and a really funny awesome vlog coming as soon as we can get it uploaded!


  1. I'm glad you are having such a good time! Italy is known for their amazing lemon alcoholic drinks so I'm super jealous!!!!