Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh cannoli, where are you?

Good afternoon! I know it is barely past lunch at home but here we are about to go to bed. Today was our last full day in Italy, and since we had already seen all the "big" things in Rome we spent it walking around, stopping in small stores, and catching the bus where ever we pleased. It was a nice and relaxing day before we catch a flight out tomorrow.
Yesterday we went to a castle! It's not a very big castle, but it is very old. VERY old. Throughout history it has been used as a home/giant palace/castle, a prison, and finally the Papal apartments. It is still used as an emergency escape and refuge for the Pope if he is ever in extreme danger, because there is a covered passageway that connects the Vatican and the castle. It was really interesting to look through!

We also had some amazing Kabobs for lunch from a street vendor. They shave off the meat that is roasted right there and wrap it up with some yummy veggies and sauce. Mmmmmm. Raymond couldn't get enough of it.

After a few hours at the castle we made our way to the Pantheon. It's actually not as big as I thought it would be, but it is very pretty inside and the architecture is cool. I guess since we had just been in the basilica there was no comparison.

To finish off a great day, we stopped in a little cafe for a glass of vino. Who remembers Lend me a Tenor from last year, and Raymond's fabulous performance as an Italian opera singer? We decided we had to try some Chianti wine while we were in Rome, and it was fantastic!

Now, where can I find more cannoli? Apparently that's more popular in Sicily than Rome. SAD!

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