Monday, September 24, 2012

Classes start tomorrow!

We finally have classes! Our schedules, or "timetables" as the English call them, were almost finalized today. We're taking a British History/Culture class and an Entrepreneur Business Start Up class. I think both will be very interesting! The business class is worth more credit hours than most, so we'll probably spend a LOT of time creating a model business this semester. What do you think I should run? A gellato shop? Clothing line? Maybe I should expand Mexican food to the UK! I'm taking suggestions. :)

Something I love about this campus is the new library. It was only finished a couple of years ago, so everything is brand new. The giant complex serves as both a study area and student center, as there is a ton of natural light and lots of bright, inviting couches (as the one below).

There are always plenty of computers and they have special "completely silent" study zones for those deep in concentration. Also, there are practice rooms for group presentations, complete with the computer and television to practice with Powerpoints.

This is a high tech book scanner. Just put your ID card in, place the books below, and it will scan all of them at one time. You're done!

There's also a Starbucks on the bottom level. I try and avoid it to save money, but sometimes a nice hot late is perfect to get me through the morning or remind me of home.

Basically, the building is huge. There are lots of different study rooms and areas for different learning styles, and a lot of books! The entire basement is dedicated to student teachers and has visual aids for classrooms and things.

Our classes start tomorrow!


  1. So how do the scanners work? Do they only scan one page at a time or did you mean they scan the entire book?

  2. oh no, sorry it only scans the book to check it out. Not the pages inside. You set them all on the shelf and it finds the digital barcodes so you can check out in one click.