Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One last night

One last night in the states. We made the most of it and had the most American dinner possible: hamburgers and fries while watching a western movie with my parents. Perfect.

Packing is 99% done, just the last things to throw in after getting ready in the morning. Thankfully our flight isn't until the afternoon so we don't have to be up at 3 am or something.

I'll miss my family. I'll miss the day to day laughter, teasing, and hugs. My family is so important in my life, and it's hard to leave, but I'll be back. Besides, my parents might come visit for Thanksgiving!

Leaving for the airport in about 12 hours. No more calls or texts after tomorrow night please!

Thank you to all our readers and fans for your love and support. Your encouragement pushed us on to make this trip happen!

Make sure to catch our latest blog. I think video somehow better captures our nervous excitement.

Lots of adventure starting tomorrow!

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