Thursday, September 6, 2012

When in Rome!

Hey everyone at home--we made it to Rome (that rhymed). It was an extremely long day of traveling but we finally made it to the wonderful ASC sisters here. They even had pizza for us when we got here from the airport, and the best tasting grapes I have ever had in my entire life. Ever. It felt like I was eating the most delicious wine in the world.

Thankfully, all of our flights went according to schedule (almost). We had a short twenty minute delay on the runway, so we caught a nap. We thought we would be able to check in with everyone in London but there was no wifi! I guess I took the free internet in Wichita for granted. We did not find it in any other airport we were in today. I can write to you now because the sisters have a computer for visiting guests!

I usually get super motion sick while traveling, but thanks to the recommendation of sea-bands from my sister and mom I did great today! They're recommended for travelers and pregnant women, and they really work wonders through simple accupressure. Although they are not the most stylish bracelets ever, they were worth every penny of the $12 I spent on them.

I was especially proud of us today in Heathrow airport. We managed to get through immigration (which by the way they asked us, again, why we needed a visa. I told them to call and ask Newman University College in Birmingham), get our bags, change terminals via train, get our weight rearranged in our luggage, get checked back in, go through security again, walk half an hour to our gate, and still get there on time all in only an hour or so!

An intersting story from tonight... looks like I need a new power converter. I read the directions before I left and it said my blow dryer would be fine, so I brought it! WRONG! I tried using it and it blew out a port on my converter. Hoping the actual dryer is okay! I guess I shouldn't have trusted the directions and should have trusted internet blogs instead. I could have saved so much space and weight!

I guess we should go to bed. My body feels really weird because we're seven hours ahead of Kansas right now. Adventure tomorrow!

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  1. Why do they keep thinking you don't need a visa? I definitely will jhave to try the SeaBands! Maybe I'll surprise you with a visit!