Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once upon a time my shoes...were dry

The day started with my shoes so comfortable and dry, a slight smell that would turn the most dull nose up but decent nonetheless. I decided to ride just a few of the mellow rides at Silver Dollar City because well I dont like being shot down rails at high speeds and expected to scream at the top of my lungs in excitement or terror. -.-

But something said, "Hey its okay to ride one of the water rides, you won't get completly soaked." WRONG! let me give you an example of what happend. "AHHH SPLASH, OH NO NOT AGAIN SUPER SPLASH, MY SHOOOOES."

That was just a small portion of what happened. It was an Awesome day here in Branson with Rachel and her family wet shoes and all. :) With just 3 days left before we leave I just keep getting more excited and nervous with each passing hour! But with a cute baby like Peyton laughing and playing all the time this is just so wonderful.

I've got to call Birmingham on Monday to secure my room and my bedsheets and I am officially ready to go. But I'm tired now So expect a vlog tomorrow from Rachel and I if we can get it to upload since wifi is kinda on and off!

I love yo faces! See ya! Say bye Peyton!

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