Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rainy Sundays

Rain rain go away, go to Kansas right away... :) Does home still need the rain? I bet the corn fields need it more than we do here!

We've had rain for days, but we're adjusting. I'm so glad I brought my yellow rain jacket! The beautiful umbrella my mom bought me before I left matches perfectly, too.

All the upperclassmen moved into the residence halls today so there has been a lot of activity around here! Classes start tomorrow, but the schedules are pretty different so most students don't have classes every day. It is possible that we will only have class two days a week ourselves... it's a good thing the campus gym opens tomorrow!

We also signed up for lots of different campus clubs, including some for singing and dance, acting, playing pool, and maybe even one for environmentalism. Basically it's hard for us to tell people no to joining things. That's why we're here anyway, right?

So excited for London this week! Hope you have sunshine back home, or rain if you need it. Enjoy fall! I wish there were more decorations and celebration here. All my decorations are in a box in my parent's basement.


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  2. I love you! I am glad you are having a good time and I am super glad you like the umbrella I helped pick out : ) Miss ya!