Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, are we students?

Unfortunately, when traveling to a different country you will often come across moments of confusion, disappointment, and even frustration. The idea is to move past them and realize you are in a new place and things are different! We had several dissapointing things happen today, but we're decided to stay positive and plan a trip to London instead of dwell on it.

Still, an update for everyone: looks like we will not be taking the media and communication classes we had hoped for, because the entire course has been canceled due to a change in staff. We spent four hours today trying to get new courses and still are not enrolled in anything. All the classes that we looked at are either canceled or not offered until next semester.

I thought I had finally found an interesting business course, but then we found out it is with a partnership university and we would have to ride the bus to a different college three times a week to go to class. Not exactly what we had in mind when we decided to come to this university, and we are only here for a semester. Also looked into a class discussing the importance of physical activity and how being active effects well-being and lifestyle... not offered until February.

There are not many electives offered at this kind of school, and most of the programs are really specific. The school has a great emphasis on education and teaching, as well as some Theology and History modules. That leaves us, Communication students, a little disappointed that the department was scratched.

We will probably be in a British history and culture class, and looking for another couple electives.

Also, based on tonight's cooking experiment... we will not be buying any more beef from a supermarket while we are here. I can wait until Christmas for real meat!

Here are a couple pictures from my dorm room. Each room is private and has a sink (but the water is no good for drinking). Then there is community kitchen and bathroom, check out today's vlog for that!

Oh, and no, I did not pick the curtains or the bed spread. Life of traveling student.


  1. Hope you are having a great time!! Everything looks super fun! Love reading about your adventures! We miss you at the store and in general! Well have a super day! :-)

  2. Aw I miss you too! It was a little weird having a lazy Saturday today. Hope all is well back home and classes aren't bad :)