Friday, September 28, 2012

Eurogamer adventure!

London! We left Birmingham early this morning on the national express bus and pulled into Victoria Station around 11:30. That was just in time to head to Earls Court for Eurogamer, the convention Raymond has been dreaming about attending!

It was fun. The convention center was huge and filled with unreleased games and demos to play. Raymond looked as excited as a little kid on Christmas, and I joined in the fun to play some too.

After a day of games we found some fantastic dinner at a little Italian place and went to find the British night skyline. It was beautiful, and we had a great time walking along the south bank by the London Eye. We even caught the last night of a carnival on the river!

Tomorrow we will go explore the tourist sites, but I also hope we will get to some of the lesser known but culture rich places too. We're considering a pub crawl to see some of the pubs that date back for centuries.

So far, the weather looks good! Praying for sunshine tomorrow :)


  1. Where are you staying the night? Do they have hostels?

  2. yes! I had my first hostel experience, but I did extensive research before picking one. it was basically like staying in a dorm for a night. Worth it for the amount of money I saved!