Sunday, September 2, 2012

Well. Stealing wi-fi isn't so difficult after all,

First off, NO, we're not actually stealing wi-fi, its free but we just have to sit in a parking lot to get it!

We are currently in Rachel's car in an empty parking lot working on homework and listening to the radio after listening to one of the podcast for our online Ethics class. Its times like these that we will remember forever and talk about and laugh in the future.

After a long and great day in Branson and making and incredible find, SUPER ROPES!! I love those licorice deliciousness, I'd been looking for them for about 3 years before we found them in an Toy/Candy store in Silver Dollar City. I stopped dead pan and my mouth dropped, when Rachel looked at them she already knew how happy I was. But there were only TWO left so talk about a gold mine!!

By the way there is also a Vlog you can look at pretty soon!

We head back to Wichita tomorrow only to get ready for bed and then truly have our last day in town. So it may actually be a final chance to see us if you want before we leave!

I love yo faces! Goodnight all!

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