Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Rope aquired!

Today was hot and dry! It was quite the change from yesterday, all rainy and dark. We had a great time at the park and Raymond found Super Rope candy! I think he has been talking about Super Ropes for months but he has never been able to fine any, anywhere! We walked in a toy store and he just about had a heart attack because there were two pieces, staring him in the face. They were the only two we could find in the WHOLE PARK!

Seriously, though, we had a great day. We had a LOT of frozen lemonade (it was delicious) and rode a few roller coasters. I think Raymond's favorite ride of the day was the teacups... hehe just ask him.

Now we are sitting in the parking lot of the condo complex we are staying in because it has wifi. I bet this exactly what we are going to do in England too, walk around looking for free signal! Maybe an awesome corner cafe? Otherwise we will be totally MIA in Italy.

I think Ray is having a good time with my family. They keep telling him all sorts of funny stories about my childhood... like how I jumped off the high dive when my mom wasn't looking when I was barely four years old.

We're getting up to do some shopping in the morning and then we're headed home. Two more days I can hardly believe it!

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