Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where's the bus? Ahh, chase it!

Hello home :) And all of our new avid English fan base!

We had a wonderful dinner tonight with Dr. Cheryl Golden. She came to visit with her sister to see what the school is about and what campus is like. If any Newman students at home are thinking about coming to England for a semester, she is the one to talk to (and I highly recommend subscribing to our blog as I'm recording all our hints and tips here)! In addition to running the history department at home, she's also taken on the giant role of study-abroad advisor (and did a fantastic job helping us get here, I might add).

Ironically, we realized we are all going to be in Dublin on Saturday, so we might be able to meet up again! She and her sister are taking a drive around Ireland for a few days, and I'm very jealous. I want to see the Irish countryside so badly, but I think this trip we are only going to have time to see Dublin.

We had an interesting time getting home tonight. As you know, we've had to learn public transportation here (meaning the bus). The thing about relying on the bus is that you never know exactly how long you will be waiting for it and most of the time they do not announce the stops so you have to count and pay attention to know when to get off.

Tonight, our bus route was just completely off due to major construction. We had to chase after a bus to see where it stopped (because it was detoured), wait for the next one (half an hour later) and then when we thought we were almost home the road was suddenly blocked off! Thankfully it was a nice bus driver and he ended up taking us right to the school via detour, but boy it was an adventure.

Like I said, when taking the city bus you never know quite how long it will take or where you will be walking from.

We've already been here a month, can you believe it? Christmas is going to come so fast.

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  1. The bus may be where they got the idea for the TARDIS from! :) :)