Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas in Paris... or at least the first weekend of December

Guess what? Last night we booked a trip to Paris to see the Christmas markets! I LOVE Christmas, and I've always wanted to see Paris... I foresee a fantastic weekend!

Absolutely one of our biggest blessings in being here has been the ability to travel around. So far we've seen Rome, London, Oxford, Dublin, and Birmingham of course. Our trip to Paris is planned for December, and we are also planning on visiting Scotland right before we leave to see Edinburgh (and a very special friend, Linzi Allan! Alyssa Balding, you're welcome to join also!). I've heard Edinburgh will be beautiful and probably covered in snow for Christmas!

The costs are adding up, so we almost decided not to go to Paris. On the other hand, I said, "We can pay for $100 flights now, or $1200 flights later when we want to come back." That sealed the deal that we were going.

We had some great classes this week, learning about the West Midlands of England (where we are living) and playing around as business owners. The most important things we probably learned this week were:

1. Birmingham, England, was the birthplace of the industrial revolution (and has an interesting history because of it).
2. Maintaining an operational cash level is extremely important when starting up a business.
3. Our friend Kevin from Ireland had his first pint of Guinness in England when he came to uni, not Ireland. I still do not understand this one (sorry Kevin).

We stayed up late again last night to watch the debate. They certainly are never dull, which is good since they are not streamed until 2am our time!

Tomorrow we are going to check out a new part of the city we haven't seen before. Should prove to be exciting, and maybe filled with great window-shopping!

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