Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avengers... obsession?

Well, we were supposed to go to Stratford-upon-avon yesterday except for the unfortunate event of me sleeping through my alarm. We missed the train, and I was very sad that we couldn't go to Shakespeare's home town! Thankfully it's only about an hour from here and the tickets were pretty inexpensive, so we will take another day to go. Still, it was a bummer. We spent the day doing homework and watching an Avengers Marathon instead.

Dr. Golden just called to say she had arrived in London, so we will see her tonight! She's coming to visit the school and check out the area. I know all her contacts here will love having a face to her voice, and we will love to have a chat over dinner.

On Friday we went to see Looper. I have mixed reviews about the movie (it was good but a little harsh, and not as complex a story line as we were hoping), but it was fun to go to the cinema here for the first time.

Raymond found a friend. A little scary, right? In other news, we go to Ireland this week!

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