Friday, October 26, 2012

British Zombie Attack!

We had a great night running from Zombies! The student union hosted a "Zombie Ball" for Halloween and things were festive. Although we chose to represent America with our costumes, there were plenty of zombies to run from.

A lot of the students living in halls get really into the themed night. The student union also hired a band to play live, adding to the fun. Find some pictures of us below!

Our costumes were 110% completely stereotypical of Americans, but we were just having some fun. It was particularly amusing when we realized hardly any of the students knew what a "grill" was. No, not the cooking kind.

Tomorrow we are going to a real "football" game (soccer)! It's here in town but it we have tickets to see a professional team. Needless to say it will be a cultural experience for us.

Happy Haunting! And make sure check out our vlog for the night, we feature a special spooky guest!

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