Friday, October 19, 2012

I miss my car!

We had a great day, but it was long! After a disrupted night of sleep due to a fire alarm in the middle of the night I had a lecture on Finance first thing in the morning. After lunch we went on an adventure!

I had heard about a giant shopping mall a ways away but we hadn't seen it yet. Today we went to go find it. We hopped on a bus and rode... And rode... It took us over an hour but we finally found the end of the line, and the shopping area.

It was great! Actually, it most resembled the USA of anything I've seen in England so far (which might have been part of the reason I liked it). It's nice to find things that remind you of home!

After enjoying several hours of walking around (and finding me a new pair of boots--my right heel pretty much fell off on my other pair), we went to head home.

We were pretty sure we had missed the last bus that would take us straight to our neighborhood, but we didn't think it would be a big deal to catch a different bus to a connecting location and switch. Wrong.

When we got to the bus stop we found out there was only ONE bus that went back to Birmingham at all, and it went in the wrong direction. And we just missed the only one within the hour.

Raymond helped me resist the urge to take $50 out of an ATM and call a taxi. Three hours later and a couple buses we finally made it back to the school.

I never would have guessed I would learn patience from public transport. I've never used it in Wichita! It's really a blessing to live on campus here. Instead of leaving the house two hours early to catch the bus, we can walk five minutes out of the dorm and into the classroom. So thankful!

And... My birthday is in 10 days!

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