Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christmas in October

Another great Saturday! Today we woke up to go into town with a group of friends. I wore my new boots (love them) and found a belt to match for a pound (win). Raymond also found a comic and game store perfectly suited for him.

We walked around and had surprisingly great weather! I always remember to appreciate the sun when we see it, since it isn't that often. Today was warm and sunny!

As we got off the bus, I noticed something different about the city center area... Christmas lights! The lights have already been hung all over the shopping area and main street of town. I don't know when they will turn them on, but it's true... they start Christmas early here!

To all the "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" folks at home, you probably wouldn't like it!

Speaking of which, my parents are coming to visit in November! They have always wanted to visit this part of the world, and what better time than now, when their daughter is here? I'm so excited! They are coming to spend a few days in London, see Birmingham and meet the school, and hop over to Ireland for a pint before they leave. I'm so excited!

Something GREAT about an early Christmas here is that I've already eaten a chocolate orange! How many readers love these in December? I always used to receive them in my stocking and so I have a mild Christmas obsession with them. Chocolate + orange = Joy to the World. Perfect.

Anyway, they're already in stores here. Love it!

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