Thursday, October 11, 2012

ASDA... the closest they have to Walmart

Big debate tonight--it's streaming online about 2am our time, but we're still going to try and watch it!

Today we went to a grocery store called ASDA, something the students here call the "British Walmart." It's probably the closest we have found to a Walmart, but it's hard to come close to the ridiculous scale of American superstores.

The exciting moment of shopping included an interesting escalator in ASDA. The store is two stories, so down the middle there is an escalator without steps. It's more like a giant moving ramp (or people mover, as Allison and Kayla might know them from the Denver airport). This interesting invention for the two story supermarket makes it possible to take full size shopping carts to both levels. Genius! They aren't necessary in Kansas because we simply make a bigger store instead of making it multiple levels.

We've been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately. Why not, it airs here first!

Counting down the hours to Ireland!

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  1. I remember when the only people at Newman (Circa 1978) who knew what Dr. Who was were me and Ollie Ellison!