Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Fun!

Happy Halloween! We kept a pretty low key night because we celebrated my birthday with friends yesterday.

We did do something scary though--we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show fully through for the first time. Let's just say we stared at the screen in amazement that it became such an iconic film. Scary!

I had a great afternoon! Because the school's internet has so many restrictions, I went to a friend's house to update my iPad. While I was there I realized I could FaceTime my mom, and she was able to answer! She also had my adorable niece with her so I was able to play with her over the video chat. The chance to see them and talk to them made me feel a little closer to home.

I can't wait to be able to decorate for holidays again. I have tubs full of seasonal things back home that I can't use while I'm here!

Now that we've been here a couple months, I feel like I have a better grasp of how I should have packed. Watch for a post in the next few days for hints and tips, especially if you are planning a trip abroad soon.

All my love and prayers to families on the east coast. Everyone knows I love NYC and I've always wanted to see the famous boardwalk.

And now, here's a photo to show just how adorable my niece is. She wins every photo contest possible in my opinion! Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the candy and fun!

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