Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Roast

Tonight, Raymond and I were introduced to the Sunday Roast. It's apparently an English tradition (I didn't know) to have a giant meal on Sundays including some kind of roasted meat. Tonight we had some delicious chicken and beef!

We had a great time hanging out while the British did the cooking. What we soon found out is that their "Sunday Roast" is a lot like an American Thanksgiving... they didn't like it when I said that out loud. It prompted a lot of discussion that ultimately ended with us arguing for the validity of our American holiday!

We had a feast of meat, mash (wonderful mashed potatoes), roasted carrots, stuffing, other veggies, and most deliciously: yorkshire puddings.

Raymond and I had never tried them before, but they are delicious! They're basically like the English version of a dinner roll but with a slightly different flavor. We might have to look for some in the grocery stores when we go home for Christmas...

It was a great night, and our first "real" home cooked meal since we arrived two months ago (that's a long time). It also made me happy because back home my family has a big meal every Sunday night where we all come home and join around the dinner table.

What were they missing? Cream corn. I think I might have to make it for next time! Our new friends also keep insisting we Americans make pancakes differently, something we are going to have to take to the test. I see a pancake competition in the future!

After dinner (and a fire alarm... not ours!) we had some great conversation and I discovered something fantastic! Apparently enough people love the movie Hocus Pocus that the full version is available on YouTube. We then, of course, had to watch it and get in the mood for Halloween this upcoming week. Hey, we're '90's kids... don't judge. :)

Tell me, who else remembers Hocus Pocus? Halloween Town is the next movie on the list!

Yes, we did gather round on the floor. In the hallway.

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  1. Yes, I remember Hocus Pocus! Do you remember "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" A show which premiered when I was about 30. Or "Night Gallery," an excellent chiller which has/had episodes on You Tube. (Check out the episode "Cool Air.") Happy early Thanksgiving!