Saturday, October 13, 2012

A fair city indeed :)

Dublin! The Irish country is exactly everything I hoped it would be. Live music on every corner, friendly strangers sharing a pint, and a representation of almost every culture somewhere in the Temple Bar district!

We flew into Dublin this afternoon on Ryanair. It was an easy flight, less than an hour from Birmingham. Once we made our way into the city we started exploring!

The Temple Bar district is known all around the world. It is the very being of pub crawls and late night activity. We found a fantastic noodle bar place for dinner and went to find our group for the crawl.

Led by experienced natives, we went around 6-7 pubs in the area. Most of them had extensive history and had seen hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years. It was a great introduction to the city!

Tomorrow we are hoping to catch a tour of the Guinness factory and some museums. Apparently Trinity College is hope to the giant library used in the Star Wars movies.

We had a great time tonight. My Irish dreams were fulfilled when I heard a local group perform "Molly Malone" in an ancient pub, complete with bagpipes. By far, the best experience of the night was the live music all over. Oh, and we also tried something called "red lemonade" which is apparently only available here. It was delicious.

I really hope I can find a way to see some of the Irish countryside before we go home in December!

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