Saturday, October 27, 2012

Villa Villa Villa!!

Villa! Villa! Villa!

Raymond and I attended our FIRST Premier League Football (Soccer) game today! We went to go see the Birmingham team, Aston Villa, in a stadium with about 33,000 other fans.

Although the game ended in a draw, it was fun to watch! I've never seen so many people get so emotional over a soccer game before. It was cool! They don't care about basketball or American Football, but the people in this part of the world LOVE their soccer!

It was really really cold in the stadium (winter is coming, or already here!), but we made the best of it and tried an interesting drink our friend Nate bought for us. It's basically beef broth, but I have never seen it sold as a coffee alternative!

After the game we warmed up in the bus and got our favorite Chinese for dinner. It does feel like winter is here... I just want to curl up with a book!

MANY happy birthdays to Allison Aday back home. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

Our other mission for tonight? Find new costumes for Tuesday and Wednesday!

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