Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Am I an entrepreneur?

Another cold and rainy day in England, but I've cozied up in the wonderful library on campus to keep warm. They've done a fabulous job with the new building, including hundreds of comfortable study places and dozens of available computers for student access.

Today I'm working on homework for my new Business Start Up class. We finally got all of our technical glitches sorted in the school system, and now that I have access to the online classrooms I have to say, I'm impressed. The school uses a system the IT department designed (so I've been told), called MyNewman. In one place I can find my email, class schedule for the week, a media sharing location for students and staff, and Moodle, their version of Blackboard.

The system is so well integrated that students and staff can instantly interact not only through email and discussion boards, but also through videos, powerpoint presentations, and school-wide announcement boards. Basically, it runs really well and I could see unlimited possibilities if specific parts of the system were adapted for my Communication major back home.

An interesting thing about only meeting in the physical classroom once a week is that it is assumed part of the class will take place online. For example, in my first business class the lecturer introduced us to some ideas and then directed us to all the reading and interaction we needed to do throughout the week online. In the next class period we will discuss the online content and have an introduction for the following week.

I never really considered myself a business entrepreneur, but the test I had to take for my business class suggests that if I find the right idea to motivate me, I'm inclined to make a great business owner.

Once the work week is done we're going to explore Cadbury World (the Willy Wonka factory of Birmingham... yum!) and Stratford-upon-avon. I'm so excited to explore such a history rich town!

Here's our weather. A bit chilly!

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