Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guinness. Pure Genius.

We started out our second day in Dublin with the perfect breakfast... A nice tall pint of Guinness!

First thing this morning we got up to go to the factory of the beloved Irish stout. We had a great time and learned a lot about the process. For example, I had no idea how much barley was used, or that Arthur Guinness had signed a 9,000 year lease! Yes, you read that correctly.

While in the factory we were given a sample of Guinness so that we could truly understand how it is made. Then we also received a full pint in the bar at the top of the building, where we were able to look out over the city. Beautiful!

For lunch we had some traditional fare, potato soup and Guinness bread, and were lucky enough to have some live performers start performing right as we ordered! I am certain I will miss this place in the future. I don't know of a single bar in Kansas that looks, feels, and sounds like a true Irish pub.

After touring the factory we went in search of some churches and the famous Trinity College library. At the library we saw the original Kell's Book, a beautiful handwritten copy of the bible dating from the 800s. We also saw the giant "Long Room," featured in the Star Wars movies. It was such a huge, beautiful room full of books! Hundreds of thousands of them, to be exact. Photos weren't allowed so I'll pull one off goggle so you can see it.

We also found the statue of Molly Malone. Now we understand why a man wrote a song about her...

After a great Persian dinner (I've never eaten Persian before!) we found the oldest standing pub in Dublin, arguably the oldest in Ireland. The Brazen Head dates back to year 1198!

We had a great day. I would love to go see the Cliffs of Moher tomorrow but they are too far away. That will have to wait for another day! We're settling for the closest coast instead.

Enjoy our photo collection for the day!

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