Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What happened to Halloween? (Yes, I'm still alive)

There once was a time where a small Raymond (Yes there was a time when I was small) eagerly asked his parents to let him be a Power Ranger for Halloween. He looked and looked until he found the perfect Ranger costume as it is difficult to pick the best color (Which is always Green by the way) with his candy bag in one hand and his short saber in the other they ventured into the neighborhood to score as much candy as they could and see all of the other costumes there were to be seen.

I remember when my problems were as simple as, "How much of this candy can I eat before mom catches me." But really what has happened to Halloween? It used to be a fun time for people to dress up and explore the night with their families and just so happen to get free candy for looking awesome in their costumes. At least that's how it is in my mind because now I hear that trick or treaters are almost a thing of the past. Are we becoming less trusting of others? Or has Santa finally beat Halloween for good, since last week you could walk into a store and see more Christmas than anything October.

All that aside we're still having a fantastic time, each day better than the last, and I hope that streak continues! There are still a few more things on my list I'd like to do so lets hope it happens! A special shout out to all of my choir peeps in Wichita I miss you all dearly!

Take care! Happy Halloween :D

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