Friday, November 16, 2012

We ate ostrich. No joke.

Tonight we went to the German Christmas Market and absolutely loved it! The market was different than anything we had seen before, full of little specialty shops and delicious food and drink. There were several hundred vendors!

The market spanned over most the city center and we spent several hours wandering around, looking at small craft stalls. For dinner we ate some delicious Frankfurt sausages and had the best beer we've ever tasted: authentic German! Maybe Octoberfest in Germany should be moved to the top of our bucket list...

We also went way outside our food comfort zone and tried something completely different: Ostrich burgers! Seriously, we ate ostrich meat. I still feel like somehow it was a little wrong, but we were convinced that in some areas of the world ostrich is just as common as chicken. Apparently it is one of the healthiest meats available, but it tasted more like sausage than any kind of bird meat I've tasted before.

The lights, trees, REAL roasted chestnuts... yep, it's Christmas time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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