Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Carnival on the Sea Shore

Last night we had a great road trip. We went with some friends all the way to the sea, to a small coastal town called Burnham, south of Wales. It only took us a couple hours by car to see the ocean!

We went to see the Carnival of Lights, a fantastic parade for Guy Fawkes Day. It also serves to kickoff winter and Christmas time. In fact, I was told last night that the parade is the biggest winter festival in the world. THE WORLD!

Before the parade began we ate fish and chips on the shoreline. It was the best fish I have eaten in a long time, so fresh! Glad we were able to check that off the bucket list!

In anticipation, we picked some prime High Street spots and waited for the lights to start. Soon we were watching float after float go by, covered in lights and moving parts. There were dozens, and they were all so big! The artistic achievement was fantastic. Check out the videos Raymond has posted and it will give you a better idea. We still have my favorites to post, including one with giant polar bears!

The festival was unlike anything I've seen before. We could feel the heat of the lights as they passed by us in the street.

In total, we watched floats go by for about two hours. After they were done we packed up and drove home, glad to be warm in the car!

Here are a few photos, but the videos really give a better idea!

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