Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paris for the weekend? I'd love to!

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Our time in England is drawing to a close.

Raymond describes it as a certain smell in the air... winter. It means Christmas, his birthday, and this year that we're traveling home for the holidays. We plan to thoroughly enjoy our time at home over Christmas before I start a new marketing assistant job and we both go back to school in January.

This weekend we are catching a flight to Paris! I've been doing research all afternoon to plan our three days in the beautiful city. They have the most extensive metro system in the world, which is great but it makes the map a little more confusing!

Last night we had dinner with the Board of Governors, or Trustees, and it was really interesting to meet and greet the men and women who run the school. We answered a lot of questions about Newman University in Kansas, and indulged in some great food. Many were surprised at how truly similar the schools are, in students and identity.

This institution was actually officially named a University yesterday, and dropped the "College" from the school name (kind of like we used to be named Kansas Newman College). It's an exciting announcement for everyone around!

This week we finished one of several assessments (finals). I can't wait to be done with the others! I also tried my hand at online Christmas shopping for the first time, because I know I'm getting home only a couple days before I need them all wrapped!

Good luck with your holiday preparation! Always keep in mind the reason for the season. :)

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