Friday, November 2, 2012

Let's be thankful :)

November? Where has the time flown? I can hardly believe we've been here 8+weeks already. We've had a busy couple of months!

In the past few days we've had some things fall into place at home, so while we're not wishing away a single day of this trip, we're excited for January!  It's amazing how we've really started to miss our routines in Kansas. We're also looking forward to graduation in May!

However, we still have six very exciting weeks ahead of us before we return for Christmas. In that amount of time my parents are visiting, we're taking a trip to Paris, finishing up classes here in Birmingham and online, and visiting Linzi in Scotland. That's a lot in six weeks!

Thanks to Pinterest, I've taken on a 30 Days of Gratitude photo challenge. I think it's a great way to spend five minutes a day remembering to be thankful! If you would like to follow me, or join in for yourself, I'm posting the photos on Instagram (look for stanleyrachelann) and Twitter (look for stanleyrachel). Although I'm still working to convince the British of the importance of our American Thanksgiving holiday, I think it is a fantastic time to prepare us for Christmas. So, let's be thankful together!

What are you doing in preparation of Thanksgiving? Also, who is going out to vote in the next few days? We've been actively watching the campaign trail from abroad, and the next week will certainly prove to be interesting.

Today, I'm thankful for the technology that keeps me close to home, so far away across the ocean. Oh, and also for the radiator in the background that keeps me from freezing to death at night! Just so you know, it gets cold in England.

Have a great weekend!

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