Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts of the sleepless Raymond

Maybe this is becoming a problem, I haven't been able to sleep until 6 am for the past week and a half and there is no end in sight. But on the up side of this issue (being and Optimus and not a Negatron)  it gives me time to think and catch up on news that I've been missing. Though I give up on the news when at some point it all sort of blends into the same story, I love reading good news but I have a hard time finding it these days.

Anywhoo, today we went on our first English road trip and I have to say it was truly awesome! Granted it was only about 2 hours away but it was some of the most fun I've had since we've been here. We adventured to Burnham (Burnham lol) to see a Carnival of lights parade and I didn't really know what to expect based off the parades we've seen back in the states. My first order of business was to seek out fish and chips and devour them and devour them we did right outside in front of the ocean, I will never forget that. (Back to the floats and the parade and stuff.) Well let me tell you I was blown away at the amount of work that went into all of the floats and walkers (people with costumes) in this parade.
The video to the right just one of the amazing floats we saw and I will never forget them, since I took video and put it in the infinite memory banks of YouTube. 

Ah it looks like the claws of sleep have finally found their way into my eyes, better late than never I like to quote. So with this I bid you a Good morning..well good night, your pick. 

I love yo faces! :D

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