Saturday, November 24, 2012

So thankful for my family!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! I'm sorry to all our avid readers who missed our blogging throughout the last week. I took the time to be with my family, who came to visit! Believe me, I had plenty to be thankful for!

Against all odds, I helped my mom plan a trip for my parents and little sister to come visit over Thanksgiving break. There were several times we were scared the trip would be called off, but the week finally came and all three boarded the 6am flight out of Wichita. I went to meet them in London and we had a fantastic week exploring the city and part of Ireland!

My parents had always wanted to visit Europe, but never had the chance. My choosing to study abroad gave them the excuse they needed to plan the trip and make it happen. It was great timing, as I was really starting to miss home!

We all loved London, especially my little sister who is a bit of a history buff. The British Museum is huge, and has artifacts literally from all over the world. We spent several hours there and did not see everything!

Because they only had a few days, we chose to do the "Hop-on, Hop-off" bus tour of London. It was worth the money because they were able to see a lot in a very short amount of time. We toured the Tower of London and took a boat ride down the river. We also visited the Churchill's War Rooms and they had the chance to see the National Gallery of London.

Mid-way through the week we went to Birmingham for a day and I showed them the university where I am studying. We also had a delicious outing to Cadbury World (so much chocolate!).

On a whirlwind tour, we spent Thanksgiving in Ireland. Dublin was fun, but we mainly went to hear the live music. Temple Bar did not disappoint, and we were able to enjoy two evenings full of traditional Irish tunes and ballads. The trip would not have been complete without a Guinness, Red Lemonade, and Irish coffee!

Another flight to London, and it was already time for them to leave. The week flew by, and I was sad to say goodbye in the airport this morning. I also felt bad because they were boarding for a ten hour flight to Dallas (yes, TEN). Thankfully I'll be home for Christmas in just a few short weeks. The time will fly by!

Next stop, Paris!

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