Saturday, November 3, 2012

Culture shock. A church shopping mall?

Today we went on an adventure to Walsall. One of our friends was going to meet some people and plan a birthday surprise, and asked us if we would like to join her. It was a short trip by train, maybe half an hour, and we were able to explore a new place!

In Walsall we explored some shops and had a nice chat in a pub. I also saw one of the most absurd different things I have encountered in England so far -- a church converted into a shopping mall. I wish I had taken a picture so I could explain it better, but basically when we were walking towards the building I thought it was an old cathedral. Once we got closer and I could see in the doors, I almost fell over in shock. Literally, they kept the same walls and stone on the outside and for the ceiling, but took out all the parts inside that made it a church and added walls for shops.

My years of Catholic education quickly brought to mind a specific chapter from the New Testament, when Jesus comes into the Temple and shows the people who's God (I think smashing of tables and market stands was involved). We didn't see anything like that today, but it gave some very literal meaning to the passage for me. What a culture shock!

I just found some pictures on Google so that our much appreciated readers can get a better idea. First, look at the picture from the outside. That is exactly how the building looked this afternoon. Next, look at the picture from inside the door. Wouldn't you be shocked too (American friends)?

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