Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas is here!

Merry Christmas! Since we're in England, I can say it and no one gets mad at me. Why? They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so Christmas starts early.

Tonight we went to the Christmas Parade in the city center. It was full of interesting characters, including Madagascar animals (I didn't get it either--pure marketing) and Christmas trees on stilts. What an experience!

The parade served as the official kick-off of the Christmas season in Birmingham. The lights are lit and soon the German Christmas market will be in full swing. I love Christmas!

We also learned about Remembrance Day, which is tomorrow. It serves to honor all the veterans who died serving, especially in WWI and WWII.

Have you ever heard/read about the poppies worn by most English people during the month of November? I had seen it before I came but never understood the meaning. The red flowers, literally everywhere you go in November, are part of the remembrance celebrations.

The flowers originate from WWI, because the blood of soldiers in the fields caused the flowers to turn red. According to one of our French international students, there are still fields covered in red poppies in his home country.

Something else we did today was go to the Apple store and play with the new iPad Mini. We were surprisingly impressed. It's still over priced, but it is incredibly light and feels great in your hand.

Here are some pics! Merry Christmas!
Also, check out our new vlog!

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